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Michael Seguin Affair Exposed

Posted On: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Finally we know what really happened. What the allegations were, and how they were dealt with. It’s now all public in court documents.

Michael Seguin Affair Exposed

Over a year ago now Councillor Seguin was advised by the Mayor that a formal complaint regarding his actions and behaviors had been filed, and that a formal investigation would be started immediately. While it became generally known that the complaint was filed by former CAO Troy Speck on behalf of town staff, the specifics of the complaint were not made public. On September 15, 2016 Council received Staff Report FAF.16.90 "Recommendations for Sanctions" and made a declaration that Councillor Seguin violated the harassment policy on all allegations and the workplace harassment provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and directed that a series of sanctions be implemented against Councillor Seguin. While the sanctions were made public the allegations and the findings of the investigation report were not.

Many in the community decried this lack of openness and transparency. Complaints were filed with the Ombudsman of Ontario, and the Town’s newly appointed Integrity Commissioner regarding the lack of disclosure. Both accepted the Town’s contention that the investigation had not been carried out under the Code of Conduct and thus no public report was necessary. Both however noted that they did not specifically look at how the matter was dealt with.

Read the full story in the Citizens Pages September issue, as well as the supporting public documents.

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