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Notice- Open Air Burning Restrictions Lifted

Posted On: Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to advise residents that open air burning restrictions have been lifted. Residents are reminded that the open air burning guidelines as outlined below must be followed at all times.

Notice- Open Air Burning Restrictions Lifted

The Ontario Fire Code states that property owners conducting open-air burning must do so in approved areas. This guideline will provide property owners in The Blue Mountains with the information required to ensure their properties meet the following minimum requirements for recreational open air burning such as campfires. This will also pertain to the use of appliances used for outdoor burning, which do not conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act.

The Blue Mountains Fire Department should be notified prior to the ignition of any outdoor fire which would not be considered a typical backyard campfire. This notification process is to ensure that fire bans are not in place due to poor air quality or extremely dry conditions. To notify the Fire Department, please call 519-599-5411. Please be prepared to provide the name of the property owner, telephone number, date of burning and the civic address. This is a notification process only and should not be considered as approval. It is also important to understand that By-law 2004-23 will be enforced if smoke or particulate from open air burning becomes a nuisance to the public or could affect the health and wellness of the public.

It is the property owners’ responsibility to ensure the following minimum requirements are in place prior to burning. They include but are not limited to:

  • the fire is contained in a pit
  • the materials to be burned must be limited to dry wood or by-products of wood
  • the pit is a maximum of one meter in diameter
  • the pit is a minimum of ten meters from any buildings, overhead wires and combustible vegetation
  • a means of extinguishment is on site
  • the fire is supervised at all times by a competent person
  • the fire is completely extinguished when it is not being supervised

Residents are also reminded that leaves and garden waste that produce excessive smoke are not permitted to be burned. The Town Waste Disposal Site accepts leaves, garden waste and brush for disposal at no charge.

Open Air Burning Complaints

All complaints related to open air burning should be directed to the Town By-Law Enforcement Department by calling 519-599-3131 ext. 249. The extension is monitored 24/7. In the event the Fire Department is requested to respond to open air burning complaints where the above noted requirements have not been met or a fire is out of control, the fire will be extinguished and a user fee will be charged to the owner of the property in accordance with by-law 2020-14 schedule B, “emergency response services”, item #5.

If you require further information, please contact The Blue Mountains Fire Department during normal business hours at 519- 599-5411.  

For more information, please contact:

Blue Mountains Fire Department
Phone: 519-599-3131 x 101

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