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Clarksburg’s Black Bridge Reopens After Preservation and Rehabilitation Efforts

Posted On: Sunday, June 24, 2018

Daisy and Lily, join Council Members and Town Staff as the rehabilitation work is now completed on Black Bridge in Clarksburg. Work started July 2017 until November and repainting was finished Spring 2018

Clarksburg’s Black Bridge Reopens After Preservation and Rehabilitation Efforts

The Black Bridge rehabilitation will add 30 years to the life of this historic landmark in the heart of the Clarksburg community. This project was funded through the Federal Gas Tax allocation and a grant from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF).  (approx $600,000)

The Black Bridge is the key connection between two of Clarksburg’s larger parks as well as the community’s core commercial area. Without this connection, pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers have to go around the area, a 1.5 kilometer trip through residential roads. The Black Bridge is also an important transportation route for the local agricultural industry allowing them to move equipment and ship produce. Although not used heavily as a truck route, load restrictions have resulted in logistical challenges for the community’s agricultural industry and impacts Town services such as snow removal as well. 

The restoration of the 95-year-old Black Bridge will preserve this important community connection and reduce the impact of Clarksburg’s increasing traffic volumes.Safety was a key concern when planning the bridge’s rehabilitation. The existing concrete guide rails did not meet the current crash test requirements and were not considered strong enough to stop a car from crashing through the rails and entering the river below. The rehabilitative works included the installation of two types of metal guide rails and crash rated guide rails that resemble the current concrete railings. Adjacent to the walkway, a different, non-climbable guide rail section was installed; again, in keeping with the Bridge’s historical characteristics.

The Town of The Blue Mountains invested in Black Bridge to create a sustainable solution for a key, but deteriorating, transportation link. In doing so, the iconic Black Bridge will continue to connect residents and businesses in the community for the next 30 years.

Key Dates:
1923: Built
1991: Dedicated as Heritage structure; refurbished by the Town
2015: Load restrictions were placed on the bridge
2017: The deck and approaches to the bridge are rehabilitated

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