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Peter Bordignon - Councillor THANK YOU ALL!

Posted On: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I just wanted to Thank all the voters that have put their faith and support in myself to represent them on council for the next four years. I am humbled and honoured to act as the elected official for all Blue Mountain residents for this next council term. Your support means the world to me.

Peter Bordignon - Councillor  THANK YOU ALL!

All Blue Mountains residents want our Town to provide the highest possible quality of life. Personally, my wife Julie & I, our children and our pups love our community of the Blue Mountains. My commitment, as a Town Councillor will be to ensure that we continue to be one of Canada’s best places to live, work & play for our generation and those to follow.

Managing a Town is a Team effort, we will need to have town staff expertise and a minimum four out of seven fellow Council Members for any course of action to pass. That skill set requires persuasion, like mindedness, patience, trust and collaboration and I feel that I have demonstrated all those traits over the years.

The components of good leadership in business and volunteerism that I have found to be most important are common sense, respect, being a good listener, thinking outside the box, a solid internal evaluation and decision making process. Respect for fellow council members, for our dedicated town staff and for all of our residents is what seems to make the entire process more efficient. 

I will truly enjoy working to make our Town even better and there is much more that I want to contribute towards a solid sustainable future. I am honoured that you, the residents of the Blue Mountains, hired me with your vote to represent you on Council for the next four years.

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