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Media Release from the Blue Mountain Ratepayers Assoc

Posted On: Friday, September 21, 2018

With the BMRA All Candidates Meeting just around the corner, we thought it would be timely to send out an election update communication. The level of interest in the election may be higher than the Town has ever experienced, and we are committed to helping residents access information to evaluate the candidates, and understand the new voting process.

Media Release from the Blue Mountain Ratepayers Assoc

All Candidates Meeting - As a reminder, the BMRA will be holding an All Candidates session from 9am to 1pm this Saturday, September 22, at the Beaver Valley Community Centre. All sixteen candidates have committed to attend. As an FYI, Town staff will be setting up a voting information table at the session to help address any questions attendees may have, and allow those in attendance to check that they are on the voters list.

Voter Registration - The Town Elections Staff wanted to confirm the steps residents should take to ensure they are registered to vote. They can follow this link,, to access the voters list. If they are not on the list, they should contact the Election Staff at Townhall to get that addressed.

Two other voting process communications provided by the Town can be accessed through this email, the Municipal Election Postcard (fact sheet) and the Voter Centre Info piece.

2018 Municipal Election Postcard Voter-Help-Centre-info


Postponement of the September 29 Open Session - In our last newsletter, we referenced an open session that was being planned to explore how best to organize our governance relative to the County structure. While that continues to be a question of great interest in our Town, the organizers decided to defer the meeting until after the election has taken place. This will allow the new Council to be active participants in this exercise.

Zoning Bylaws (October 1) - Proposed changes to TBM zoning bylaws, including STAs, will be presented at the October 1 Committee of the Whole. One important question is whether the bylaws should be updated now, or delayed so that the new Council can take them up. This will be an important meeting for concerned residents to attend.

BMRA Board


Election Page hosted by The Review

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