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Blumination - opens this weekend at Blue Mountain Village

Posted On: Thursday, November 29, 2018

A hard word to say but think of it as Blue and Illumination and you will get the drift.

Blumination - opens this weekend at Blue Mountain Village

Then add in the words Dream Trail and you will understand what Blue Mountain Resort has done this year to light up the dark days of December. Christmas has always been about decorating and lighting up but this time it is something special. Taking a cue from a trend in Japanese cities, our local Blue has gone crazy with new technology and lights. I was in luck and got a sneak preview of the plaza and the amazing cone of light that brings music to life; a sound and light spectacular that had me in awe. How did they do that? That is only the beginning,  as you can walk around the Mill Pond and experience different interactive light shows that you can operate. Light Shows at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm every night until Jan 6! It’s all free from Dec.1st to Jan. 6th. Fireworks from the Mill Pond area, will complement the show on Saturdays at 8pm during the Holiday Season. As well the traditional horse wagon rides will happen on the weekends.





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