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2018 Public Salary Disclosure

Posted On: Monday, March 25, 2019

As required by the Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, The Town of The Blue Mountains has submitted salary information for employees earning over $100,000 to the Ministry of Finance.

2018 Public Salary Disclosure

For the 2018 calendar year, The Town of The Blue Mountains submitted salary information for ten employees.

“To be open and transparent, we are releasing the 2018 Public Salary Disclosure Information for the Town of The Blue Mountains ahead of the scheduled Provincial release,” explained Mayor Alar Soever. “The Town pays competitive salaries for a municipality of its size. As discussed during the 2019 budget process, the Town will be reviewing its salary structure with a focus on aligning salaries with performance.”

Last Name First Name Position Salary Benefit
Conn Stephen Deputy Fire Chief $107,900.60 $1,493.52
Giles Corrina Clerk $107,591.29 $1,441.68
Lake Allan John Deputy Fire Chief $103,693.01 $ 1,566 .22
McCannell James Manager of Roads and Drainage $101,280.68 $3,488.48
Moreau Jennifer Director of Human Resources $110,193.57 $1,566.22
Russwurm Reginald Director of Infrastructure and Public Works $132,725.37 $7,763.23
Saunders Sabrina Chief Executive Officer, Library $108,588.98 $1,524.68
Worsley Brian Manager of Development Engineering $101,258.03 $1,441.68
Everitt Shawn Interim Chief Administrative Officer $172,226.69 $5,640.35
Prince Ruth Director of Finance and Information Technology S, $ 132, 725.35 $1,763.47
    TOTALS    $1,045,458.22 $26,123.31




George Vadeboncoeur, Chief Administrative Officer, $222,000

Firefighter Captain Kelly McGuire, $169,000

Fire Chief Mike McWilliam $136,000

For 2018, there are 34 employees who earned over a hundred thousand dollars on this list.

That is compared to 23 people in 2017.



Robert Armstrong, Acting CAO/Director of Development & Environmental Services – Salary of $129,481.45, Taxable benefits $ 1,493.40

Darcy Chapman, Treasurer/Director of Financial Services & Infrastructure Management – Salary of $119,774.20, Taxable benefits $1,387.62

Phillip Taylor, Manager, Transportation & Fleet Services – Salary $103,090.02, Taxable Benefits $1,156.72

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