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Embrace Open Water Swim Sunday July 28

Posted On: Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday July 28, 8am - noon. Bayview Park, 106 Bay St.E., Thornbury

Embrace Open Water Swim  Sunday July 28

8:00 a.m. 3K , 5Km Challenge, 10Km Super Challenge

Individual and Relay categories

10:30 am 200 m. Super sprint

10:45 am 400 m. Sprint

11:00 am 800 m. Endurance swim Individual and Relay categories

11:25 am 1500 m. Olympic triathlon distance

11:30 am ONCE AGAIN, THE MIGHTY MINNOWS RACE! 200 m. For kids under 12 years old. The race for new swimmers developing skills.




Long distances:

1 Km. loop Course. So for the 5 km it will be 5 loops and 10 loops for the 10 km.

Participants are allowed to have a support kayak or paddle board along the course as long as they do not interfere with the progress of any other swimmer. They can be used by coaches or assistants to supply water and nutrition to swimmers if they wish to use this method.

We will also have a small chute at the beach just beside the start and finish with tables: about 5 meters where swimmers can leave their own water and food. On each loop swimmers will have to get out of the water and run around those 5 meters to check with officials. As they get out of the water they can be self sufficient to hydrate and get food themselves and jump in the water immediately after.

Short distances:

There will be visible buoys marking a 200m diamond off the beach on the south side of the lake.

The 200 will be one loop around, the 400 is 2 loops and the 800 will be 4 loops or one for each relay member.

The 1500 will be a different course set up on its own.



Lets all have a great experience in the open water

Click here to get to the registration page

General information

Georgian Bay is part of Lake Huron. Swimming in the great lakes can be as challenging as rewarding.  We have decided to have our race in another great lake as there is none to date that we know of and we believe in the opportunities of expanding the challenge. At the same time we are making sure that the experience is the best we can offer and that as before our race is geared to all swimmers, beginners and experienced. The course is set the closest to shore we can. The conditions in any great lake can change rapidly and that is why we are doing this race in a protected shallow area that will ensure the safety of all participants.

As the race day approach we will be updating you on water temperature and expected conditions for the event.

We really hope to see most of you there!

How to get there:

Just copy and paste the below link and that will do the trick to find out exactly what you need to do to arrive to this marvellous place:

Long distances: 1 km Loop Course. The 5 km will be 5 loops and 10 loops for the 10 km.



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