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Live Life Fit has a new home

Posted On: Saturday, February 8, 2020

We are excited to announce Live Life Fit has officially opened a brand new 3,000 square foot location, right next door, located at King’s Court. We are thrilled to provide a new space for people to thrive, grow and challenge themselves physically and mentally in the Blue Mountain area.

Live Life Fit has a new home

l-r Chris Harrington, Bruce Young, Cecile de Bretan, Meghan Loney, Melissa Bailey

“We’ve built an incredible community and we’re proud to say we’ve outgrown our original location,” says Cécile de Bretan, fitness instructor and founder of Live Life Fit. “We are continuously encouraging and supporting one another to reach new fitness goals, and we can’t wait to keep growing our community of locals and weekend warriors.”

At Live Life Fit, we are proud to offer classes for people of all ages, abilities and levels. For one hour of the day, our goal is to make every class interesting and dynamic so people keep coming back for more. “Our growth is a sign of the community’s commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Now, with a bigger space and new classes, we can’t wait to give more people the opportunity to experience the Live Life Fit method,” expresses de Bretan. For a full list of classes and offerings, please visit our website. In addition to providing group classes and personal 1 on 1 training, we also have several innovative and fan-favorite classes such as Rise & Grind: get up and moving before you start your day or Circuit Fundamentals: a program designed to introduce beginners to all of our circuit movements.

Have a group of 6 or more and want to book a private workout? We do bachelorette/bachelor pre-wedding workouts, or gather your family & 
friends for a challenging backyard workout too! Come join our growing community where we have fun and get fit at the same time. We hope to see you at the gym soon! Plus, we have LOTS of parking!

Connect with us!
In good health, Cecile de Bretan


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