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Significant Weather Event

Posted On: Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Town of the Blue Mountains has declared a Significant Weather Event (as per O. Reg 239/02) in response to blowing snow and reduced visibility. Residents are advised to avoid unnecessary travel and use caution if doing so. To assist snow removal operators, please ensure all roadways are free of parked cars and obstructions. For updates, please visit the Town website at: or for public inquiries please contact 2-1-1.

Significant Weather Event

Significant Weather Event



In the event that a Significant Weather Event is declared, the Town of The Blue Mountains will, within its best efforts, communicate applicable details to the public through the following methods of communication:

  • Posting a notice on the Town website (;
  • Sharing the notice on Town social media accounts (Twitter: @Town_Blue_Mtns);
  • Distributing a media release to local news outlets; and,
  • Notifying the Town’s contact at the local OPP detachment.

Public notifications will be managed by the Communications and Economic Development Coordinator or their assigned designate.

The Town of The Blue Mountains will provide its best effort to ensuring that roads are at its optimal condition. If a Significant Weather Event is declared, please use caution when travelling on the roads and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

A declaration of a Significant Weather Event is not a notice of roads closures. The declaration is to notify the public that due to current or forecasted conditions, caution is to be observed when travelling on the municipality’s roads and sidewalks, and that it may take longer than usual to bring the condition of the roads and sidewalks back to optimal conditions.

However, residents are urged to remain at home and avoid driving unless travel is necessary when a Significant Weather Event is declared.

Ontario Regulation 239/02, Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways, made under the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, gives municipalities the authority to declare a Significant Weather Event when a weather hazard is approaching or occurring and has the potential to pose a significant danger to users of the highways in which the municipality has authority over.

When a municipality declares a Significant Weather Event, the declaration suspends the standard timelines required for municipalities to meet their winter maintenance objectives. All roadways and/or sidewalks are deemed in a state of repair with respect to snow accumulation and/or ice conditions until the municipality declares the significant weather event has ended. 

During a declared Significant Weather Event, the standard for addressing winter maintenance is to monitor the weather and to deploy resources to address the issue starting from the time the municipality deems it appropriate to do so.

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