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Lobsterfest 2020 and COVID 19

Posted On: Friday, July 10, 2020

Plans are well underway for a Lobsterfest Dinner - not the type of event we are used to, but with your support a great fundraising opportunity for 3 partners, Marsh Street Centre, Beaver Valley Outreach and The Blue Mountains Grants and Donations Committee.

Lobsterfest 2020 and  COVID 19

Our community loves to have a lot of fun. We love music, dancing and socializing. The COVID restrictions have been tough for all. Everyone has been so responsible about social distancing and safety standards. We know people are just itching to do something and have FUN!

The Town of The Blue Mountains will ensure this event will follow the strictest health and safety standards that are now required. “No touch” takeaway Lobster and Chicken dinners will be available at set times throughout the evening so families can celebrate and enjoy safely at home. 

Tickets for the Drive Thru at Beaver Valley Community Centre, Saturday July 25th are available through the website

Meals are sold for Two which includes Lobster, BBQ Chicken, Baked Potato, Salad, Bun and Pie. Ticket price $150.00. 

Tickets can be ordered online at or for single orders and delivery call 519-599-3345.

Pickup times start at 4:30, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00 pm

We are hoping this Lobsterfest will help lift everyone’s energy and spirits in the summer ahead!

Items are being added daily to the online auction.

For information on ticket sales or the auction call  519-599-3345. 

LOBSTERFEST T-SHIRTS AND HATS are also available for purchase

Details on the website featuring a design by Lisa Rotenberg.

Lobsterfest 2020 and  COVID 19

The Marsh Street Centre, as the only performing arts centre available in the area, provides concerts, dances, music and many more programs and events for the Town of Blue Mountains and surrounds. We have been around for twenty years and are a community owned and run, charitable organization. All of our operating income comes from our hall rentals, concerts and fundraising events. Since COVID-19, we have had to close our doors to the public, lay off our two part-time employees and suspend all programs and improvement projects. Without additional operating income, we will only be able to afford to “keep the lights on” at the Marsh Street Centre for a few more months.

Beaver Valley Outreach offers approximately 20 programs and services for children and adults. Filling the gaps in community and social services has always been a primary mandate at Beaver Valley Outreach. In the early days, that meant focusing on essential programs such as before and after-school care, a breakfast club for school children and emergency and referral services for young and old alike. More recently, led by Executive Director Carolyn Letourneau, BVO stepped up to take over two important children’s programs which were no longer able to operate on their own: a summer day camp and a preschool facility.

Volunteers are the heart of Beaver Valley Outreach. The growth of BVO volunteers - measured in knowledge and experience as well as numbers - has been phenomenal since the organization’s beginning. Today over two hundred and fifty volunteers, working with staff and a hands-on Board of Directors, generously offer their time and talents  to deliver twenty vital programs and services to residents of the community.

Is a committee of Council and after a successful We Love Blue Gala in February shared the proceeds with numerous groups and organizations working on behalf of the social and well being of the community. Through this fundraiser funds will be made available for future local programs.

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