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Tree Trust in The Blue Mountains

Posted On: Saturday, August 1, 2020

Big Trees Do The Heavy Lifting - Planting a tree is heralded as a key tool in our fight against climate change. But, did you know that one large tree offers the same ecological benefits as more than 250 saplings? Big trees do heavy lifting on sequestering carbon and offer a number of valuable ecological services: reducing demand for air conditioning; providing wildlife habitat; adding beauty; and slowing storm water to name a few.

Tree Trust in The Blue Mountains

It is with great wonderment that we have discovered a giant Maple tree living in our town that is estimated to be 200 years old. Standing proudly beside the Georgian Trail at the 10th line crossing, it was discovered during a tree survey initiated by a local tree conservation group called the Tree Trust.

Now it has become the first tree to be honoured by this organization with an event hosted on July 31. During the event we watched the tree monkeys of Arboreal Tree Care of Thornbury begin the process of pruning the tree back to perfect form. It is absolutely amazing that this tree survived all of the settlement pressures that have happened on this piece of land.

Not cleared during the farming days; not harvested for lumber nor destroyed when the railway was put through only 20 feet away. Tobias Effinger the owner of Arboreal believes that the tree is only half way through its lifespan. It makes you wonder what this tree will see as it lives out its next 200 years!  


Tree Trust 5 (1 of 1).jpg

Tobias Effinger of Arboreal Tree Care and Betty Muise, sparkplug of the Tree Trust take questions during the launch event.

Tree Trust 2 (1 of 1).jpg

Alar Soever displays a treetrust shirt and the plaque that will be attached to the boulder under the tree.

Tree Trust 4 (1 of 1).jpg

The crowd learns about the Maple Tree from Tobias of Arboreal Tree Care.

Who is Tree Trust?
Tree Trust ( was established by the Elora Environment Centre (Ontario) in June 2019, with a mission to hire professional, certified conservation arborists to work on extending the life of large, significant trees in the community. As part of the Tree Trust program, two new native saplings are planted nearby each senior tree being conserved to eventually take over. In addition to collecting usual-style donations, Tree Trust offers donors the option to estimate carbon offsets for air and car travel as a tangible way for people to compensate for air (and car) travel.
The Elora Environment Centre is a charity so that each Tree Trust donation comes with a tax receipt. The Elora Environment Centre has now established partnerships with Town of the Blue Mountains, Stratford and the Toronto Island to help extend the work of conserving local trees.


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