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eDoctorcare - Virtual Health Clinic

Posted On: Friday, April 2, 2021

 A brand new walk-in medical clinic based in Collingwood has launched – but with an exciting twist. A clinic that focuses on enabling patients to see a doctor from the comfort of their own home. It’s called eDoctorcare and it’s the brainchild of Dr Tawfik, a female family doctor who is a newcomer to the area having recently moved from the GTA.

eDoctorcare - Virtual Health Clinic

The pandemic has taught us that technology allows us to do most things online,” she said, “seeing a doctor falls firmly in that category now. It really is the future of healthcare.” The adoption of virtual health is becoming more widespread across Canada with a growing realization that most prescriptions, labs, referrals and medical notes can all be arranged for without patients needing to physically go to a clinic. Experts believe this trend will continue. “Very rarely is there something that I cannot deal with by phone or video, we’ve really come a long way,” explained Dr Tawfik, who also confirmed that the service is completely free for patients who have OHIP coverage.

eDoctorcare prides itself on its modern, forward-thinking approach - with a keen adoption of technology. "I wanted the patient experience to be as simple as possible, no waiting on hold or trying to reach busy receptionists – I wanted us to do things differently - patients can instead book an appointment in about two minutes through our website and I just call them at the scheduled time which they select. It’s seamless - plus, they get to skip the waiting room experience altogether.”

Patients can choose for the doctor appointment to be either by phone call or video call. Conveniently, for video calls, patients will generally not be required to download any new software onto their devices.

Dr Tawfik is proud of the patient feedback she has received to date which she says has been “overwhelmingly positive”. The clinic has only been open for a few weeks and a huge surge in demand is expected once the word spreads in the community. ”Fortunately we have plenty of availability right now and due to way we work, we are actually able to offer availability for almost every day of the week.”

eDoctorcare is a walk-in clinic working on a virtual basis only, physical appointments are not at present available. Patients are encouraged to book with the doctor via the website with same day, weekend and after hours appointments all being offered. All appointments are free of charge for patients who have OHIP coverage.


Dr Tawfik

Tel: (647) 556-2435



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