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Grey Bruce Increase in COVID-19 Cases – Trends and Precautions

Posted On: Sunday, December 12, 2021

There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases and associated outbreaks over the past few days in Grey Bruce. One trend identified from the ongoing investigations indicates the chain of transmission has mainly been started with young individuals (under 18 year old) with connection to organized sports. A second trend indicates the transmission starting in individuals who attended sports, school or childcare while having symptoms.

Grey Bruce Increase in COVID-19 Cases – Trends and Precautions

There is no evidence at this time of transmission in places like malls, big box stores or grocery stores or the high impact sectors such as long-term care, retirement homes, or hospitals.

Although it will most likely become the dominant strain, at this point, there are no confirmed Omicron cases in Grey Bruce. We have one case under investigation pending lab confirmation. We will update the public of the results as soon as we receive them.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit is actively working with stakeholders within the school systems (both in class and extracurricular), minor and amateur sports organizations. In collaboration with these stakeholder, and based on the outcome of the ongoing investigations and the risk assessments of different sectors, we may introduce a number of measured restrictions within these settings. Such restrictions may include:

  • Pausing sporting events associated with school boards (Extracurricular)
  • End travel of minor and amateur sports teams to locations outside of Grey Bruce
  • Restrictions to the sporting events within Grey-Bruce such as reducing frequency of events for certain age groups, for all age groups, and/or
  • Pausing sporting events within Grey-Bruce

“We will, as always, ensure the safety of the community while following the principle of least intrusive” Says Top Grey-Bruce’s Doctor, Dr. Ian Arra “Our goal in the management of the pandemic is not to shut down Grey-Bruce, rather to keep it open as long as we can, so long as it is safe to do so”.

We implore parents to not send their children or allow them to go to school and sports if they have symptoms. We remind the public of the importance of vaccination and the need to be vigilant especially when interacting in the above settings and over the holidays.


Current Situation: A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario, Public Health Measures, COVID-19 Vaccines for Grey Bruce, COVID-19 Vaccine for Ontario

Follow the 3 W’s – Wash hands frequently, Watch distance (ideally 6ft), and Wear face covering correctly, and the 2 A’s - Avoid Crowds and Arrange for outdoor activities instead of indoors whenever possible.




Case counts and vaccine data is taken from GBHU Epidemiological Reports as of 23:59 hrs, December 11, 2021:

All data is preliminary and subject to change. Future situation reports will be updated accordingly.

  • 16 new cases reported in past 24 hours in Grey Bruce: 4 – Owen Sound, 4 – South Bruce, 3 – Saugeen Shores, 2 – Kincardine, 1 – Chatsworth, 1 – Hanover, 1 - Southgate
  • 2639 confirmed cases   (including 0 confirmed cases of the Omicron Variant) “Although most likely will become the dominant strain, a this point there are no confirmed Omicron cases in Grey Bruce. We have one case under investigation pending lab confirmation. We will update the public as soon as we receive the results”. Said Dr. Arra
  • 76 active cases
  • 700+ Active High Risk Contacts – High Risk Contacts is reported as an estimates as the number is evolving by the hour
  • 2536 resolved cases
  • 3 confirmed local active cases hospitalized in Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
  • 0 confirmed case from Grey Bruce is hospitalized outside of Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
  • 15 deaths in Grey Bruce
    • +1 death related to a Grey Bruce resident that acquired the infection and was treated outside of Grey Bruce
    • +7 deaths related to Grey Bruce residents that acquired the infection in Grey Bruce however passed away outside of Grey Bruce
    • Local and Provincial data may not align as cases with unconfirmed cause of death are not included above but are included in the Provincial data.
    • 124 cases reported in health care workers; reports health care workers living in Grey Bruce and working both in and outside Grey Bruce


Active Outbreaks:

  • 0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Hospitals
  • 0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes
  • 4 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Schools
    • Holland Chatsworth Central School (0 Dismissed Cohorts – Last Day of Outbreak set for Dec 13, 2021, pending confirmation)
    • 1 – Cohort – Timothy Christian School
    • 1 – cohort and 1 bus route – St. Dominique Savio
    • 11 Cohorts – 1 Bus Route – St. Mary’s High School
  • 1 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Childcare Centres
    • 1 – Cohort – Before and After School – Timothy Christian School


Dismissed Cohort(s) – based on 1 case (probable or confirmed) - (more than 1 confirmed case triggers outbreak – see above)

  • Mildmay-Carrick Public School – 1 cohort


Vaccine – for detailed information please visit Website and Dashboard

  • Vaccine Data to be updated on Monday December 13, 2021
  • 258,940 Total Doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Grey and Bruce
  • 5,847 Doses given within the past week


Future Vaccination Planning: Vaccine Schedule

  • For week of December 12, first and second dose may walk-in at all clinics. Those 5-11 and Third dose requires an appointment at all clinics.                                

See Vaccine Clinics – details at Vaccine Schedule (Make sure to scroll to the proper page of the schedule)


Actions Taken In the Past 24 Hours:


Provincial COVID-19 Data -




For More Information:


Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

To arrange to speak with Dr. Arra, please contact Drew Ferguson at:

519-376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456 ext. 1269 or


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