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Posted On: Friday, January 11, 2019

Blue Mountains Review issuing a letter to defend.


The Blue Mountains Review is now involved in a court case filed by John McKean (former TBM Mayor)  and Gail Ardiel (former TBM Deputy-Mayor) regarding a Media Release written by Michael Seguin that was published in The Review in August 2018.

We feel that the information that was printed does not defame anyone but merely states the opinion of Michael Seguin and facts about on ongoing complaint brought by a staff member of the Town in May of 2016.

The Review has followed this story through the articles published in the Citizens Pages over the past 3 years and has also posted a number of court documents regarding this case under the heading "Michael Seguin Story Continues".

We have also posted the Letter to Desist, the Notice of Action and Statement of Claim filed against The Review.   We want to thank those who have offered to support us through this litigation as we plan to defend. Funds to support legal expenses can be donated through our DONATION link at  or by email transfer to  (autodeposit)   If you have any questions please call Linda at 519-599-3345.  

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