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Blue Mountain Gets Stoked for 80th Ski Season with 2020/2021 5x7Passes on Sale Now

Posted On: Thursday, March 5, 2020

Blue Mountain Resort launches the sale of next season's 5x7® passes with some gnarly 80's themed flare.

Blue Mountain Gets Stoked for 80th Ski Season with 2020/2021 5x7Passes on Sale Now

The 2020/2021 ski season marks the Resort's 80th year and Blue is throwing it back to the 80's to celebrate with a retrowave pass design.  Blue Mountain posted a sneak peek of the  80's-inspired pass with today's spring pass launch and if the vibrant nostalgia doesn't get you excited for the next ski season, the spring sales will!

Tyke 5x7® Pass

$69 Plus tax

(Ages 4 and under)

Youth 5x7® Pass

$159 plus tax

(Ages 5-12)

Young Adult 5x7® Pass

$199 plus tax

(Ages 13-22)

Adult 5x7® Pass

$249 plus tax

(Ages 23-64)

Senior 5x7® Pass

$199 plus tax

(Ages 65+)


Blue Mountain 5x7® Passes are available online at or over the phone by calling 1-833-583-2583. Passes can be purchased at the lowest prices of the season from now until April 21, 2020.

 Passholders are encouraged to purchase before April 21, 2020 as the price points and all applicable incentives will expire once the spring pricing period comes to end. 

Blue Mountain currently has 43 trails open for day skiing and Blue Mountain promises to remain open for as long as conditions allow. Guests who purchase their 2020/2021 Season Pass by April 22 will receive discounted access to Blue as of March 23, with lift tickets priced at $19 plus tax.

For more information about Blue Mountain’s Spring Season Pass sale, visit


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